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Frequently Asked Questions

Before You Book

Why should I pre-book my parking?

Booking in advance can save you money on the gate price (price on arrival) of a car park.

Additionally, if you are travelling on a busy day for the airport, there is no way to be sure that car parks around the airport will have spots available for you.

Pre-booking is the easiest way to make sure a spot is reserved for your car, and give you some much-needed peace of mind.

What are the parking services EHPF offers ?

Meet & Greet Parking — Uniformed, insured valets will be made available at your specified terminal, ready to pick up your car and park it for you.

Depending on the service provider you pick, when you return, all you have to do is give them a call once you land, and by the time you collect your luggage and reach the arrival gate, they’ll have your car waiting for you!

Park & Ride — On selection of this service, you’ll reserve a parking spot on an off-site car park, and after you park, a shuttle will be waiting to transport you to the airport.

And you’ll be free to retrieve your car as soon as you return, hassle-free.

Valet Parking — Varying by airport and valet instruction, after driving to the airport and dropping your car off at the airport valet office, mostly for short stay car parks.

On your arrival, you’ll be able to collect your keys from the same office.

How far away are the car parks from the airport?

We offer bookings for various car parks around each airport. For more information, check the “more info” tab under the service of your choice.

How secure are the car parks?

You’ll be able to find security information under the “more info” tab for each car park.

The “Park Mark Award” sign means that the car park has been inspected for safety by a specially trained Police Officer.

Further information can be found by contacting the car park directly.

Can I book on short notice?

Of course!
Just make sure to call us on 02081941661 (Mon-Fri, 0900-1700 GMT/BST) and our customer services team will help you

Can I pay on arrival?

EHPF is a booking agency, and we need to pay the service providers to reserve your parking spots. This is why all customers must pay in advance.

Can I keep my keys?

Unless stated otherwise, you’ll have to leave your keys at the car parks, at the valet office, or with the service provider via the chauffer, depending on the service you’re opting for.

You’ll be able to find exact details under the “more info” tab of the service you choose.

While You Book

Why do I have to give you my email address and mobile number?

We use your email address to send you a confirmation email that contains all the information regarding your booking and service.

Your mobile number is required to be provided to the chauffeur in case you've booked the Meet & Greet service.

Why is a week calculated as 8 days and two weeks as 15 days?

Based on how car parks calculate their prices, our system considers the day you travel and the day you return as two whole days. Hence, a week is 7 days and two weeks is 15 days.

How do I obtain a debit/credit card receipt?

After your booking is completed, you can raise a ticket on our Support Page, and we’ll email the receipt to you. Alternatively we will email you receipt one you do booking with us

What happens if I return earlier or later than I have booked?

We are a booking agent so if you decide to return early or late you will have to contact booked car park and explain to them.

Please note :
• There is no refund for part stays.
• In case you return later than booked, the car park will charge you for the extra duration. Unfortunately, we have no control over these extra charges.
• For the quickest service, please inform the car park or chauffeur service, otherwise, it may result in a delay in getting your car to you.

After You Book

What do I do once I’ve made my booking ?

Once the booking has been completed, you’ll be able to view and print your confirmation PDF. Print this page, or note down all of the information regarding your booking.

This is the most important part of your booking and ensures a stress-free start to your trip.

I’ve booked Meet and Greet Parking, what do I need to keep in mind?

All the information you require, including the contact details of the company and car drop off location, is included in the confirmation email sent to you by us.

Please remember that Easy Holiday Park & Fly is just a booking agent, and it is not our chauffeur who will be meeting you.

I’m flying earlier / later than I had planned. How do I change my booking date and time?

Raise a ticket on our Support Page with your new flight details to amend your booking. You can also call us on 02081941661 (Mon-Fri, 0900-1700 GMT/BST) and quote your booking reference number.

Please note:
• We need a minimum of 24 hours (excluding weekends & bank holidays) to update your requests.
• Some amendments may be chargeable and you may be contacted for payment
• Any additional day charges are subject to current rates at the time you put in your amendment request.
• An admin fee of £15.00 + £1.95 booking fee will be levied if you don’t have a Cancelation cover.

How do I change my vehicle details?

Raise a ticket on our Support Page to amend your vehicle details. Vehicle detail amendments are free of charge.

Please note:
If your vehicle type is being amended to a bigger car (eg. People carrier, vans, etc.) we might have to confirm availability with the parking operator there may be additional charges for big vehicle examples- Vans For Park & Ride service customers, please inform the car park of the change on arrival.

How do I change my terminal?

Raise a ticket on our Support Page with your new terminal details to amend your booking. You can also call us on 02081941661 (Mon-Fri, 0900-1700 GMT/BST) and quote your booking reference number.

Please note :
• Amending your terminal is of top importance if you’ve opted for the Meet & Greet or On-Airport Meet & Greet services as they are terminal-specific services.
• The amendment is free of charge except for On-Airport Meet and Greet customers.

What time should I arrive at the car park?

Check your flight information for all details regarding your check-in.

It’s advised that you leave with adequate time between your drive and your flight, so that you have enough time to park and make your way to the airport for your check-in.

I haven’t received my booking confirmation email. What should I do?

Check your Spam and Junk email folders in case the email was redirected to them.

Try adding our booking email ID to your approved contact list to ensure that the email does not accidentally get marked by spam filters.

If none of these things work, please go to our Support Page and raise a ticket with the subject “email confirmation not received,” and we’ll resend the email to you.

I’ve lost my confirmation email, what should I do?

Please go to our Support Page and raise a ticket with the subject “resend email confirmation,” or call us on 02081941661 (Mon-Fri, 0900-1700 GMT/BST) and quote your booking reference number, and we’ll resend the email to you.

I don’t have a printout of my confirmation, what should I do?

Keep a note of your booking reference number, car parking operator, their contact number, directions, and procedure information.

Certain car parks allow you to present the confirmation email.

Please note:
It is your responsibility to have all the necessary booking information in hand before making your way to the airport.

How do I cancel my booking?

Please go to our Support Page and raise a ticket with the subject “cancel booking,” or call us on 02081941661 (Mon-Fri, 0900-1700 GMT/BST) and quote your booking reference number.

If your cancellation notice comes 48 hours before your booking date, you will be refunded.

All cancellations will be charged £15.00 + £1.95 booking fee unless you have cancellation cover.

Please note:
• If the customer has already taken the cancellation cover, then the admin charges will be £9.99
• Non-amendable/Non-flex bookings cannot be cancelled or changed. No refunds can be issued for them either.
• Cancellation requests can only be accepted within office hours and are subject to our notice periods, (see next question).

What is the Refund Notice Period?

All bookings have a 48-hour notice period, regardless of the date and time of booking.

In which situations will I not be refunded?

You will not be refunded if :
• You do not comply with the on-screen booking or confirmation requirements, viz. failing to follow location directions, failing to contact chauffeur / car park, etc.
• Your booking goes unused, or for a shorter duration than expected.
In any case, booking fees are not refundable.

I have a complaint. How should I register it?

Please go to our Support Page and raise a ticket with our complaints team. You should receive a response within 7 working days.

Please note:
Easy Holiday Park & Fly is merely a booking agent, so we can only assist you in your complaints related to our service. If you have any complaints related to the damage, the chauffeur, or the car park, we insist that you inform the car park or chauffer before you depart with your vehicle.